SEO specialists have been using site parsing programs for many years. After all, they allow you to facilitate or fully automate the performance of many routine tasks. Website parsing programs allow you to collect and process data in large volumes. Thanks to the technology of visual adjustment of information gathering, you will be able to customize the parser for a specific task in just a few mouse clicks.

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Collection Of Information

In the software sense, gathering information is a rather difficult process. To write a stable parser, you need to have a good understanding of XPath regular expressions and query language. Plus be able to handle errors and page responses. Of course, you can’t do without programming skills at least at an intermediate level.

Most SEOs do not have in-depth knowledge of IT technologies. Therefore, data collection causes them problems. Fortunately, professional software developers have long invented programs for parsing information. Dealing with many of them will not be difficult even for a person far from programming.

The parsing process can be divided into three stages:

  1. Collection of information (downloading the code of the web page and extracting the necessary data from it).
  2. Processing and conversion of the collected information to the required format.
  3. Obtaining the results of the site parser (saving the information obtained in the second stage in the required format).

The Most Common SEO Tasks

The most common tasks of SEO specialists, which are solved in minutes with the help of a site parser, are:

Work with the searcher results. Most often, the search parser is used to save links from the issue in the list of queries. Collecting links from the issue allows you to identify competitors and form the best strategy for promoting your services or products on the Internet.

Selection of keywords. The keyword parser is used by SEO specialists to select the right keywords. And 90% of the success of the SEO campaign depends on the correct selection of keywords.

Check various parameters of sites (age of a site, TIC, PR, etc.). This is often necessary to evaluate donors and purchase links or to evaluate competitors in search results.

Parser – program №1 for SEO. As you can see, parser programs make it much easier to do work that could take you more than an hour or more. Therefore, the use of a parser will not only be expedient but also cost-effective.