Why does your online store need a parsing tool?

The automatic parser of the sites of competitors and suppliers guarantees the availability of an up-to-date and profitable database of goods in your online store without spending time with the content manager or programmer.

Content parsing occurs automatically. Collection of information from sites includes parsing of goods, price parser, pictures from sites for product descriptions, parser of site structure, and other site data.

How Does An Online Store Parser Work?

To start parsing an online store, you need to configure the parser module so that the program understands the site layout, categories, and products. Then you can get prices, availability, name, ie the data you need to get from the site.

Simple procedure for parsing an online store:

  • Add a link to the entire site or only to selected categories and products;
  • Indicate from which blocks of the site to take information (prices, photos, etc.);
  • Start downloading products from the site;
  • Save the found information in a file in Excel (XLSX) or immediately upload products with descriptions and save photos to your site (or update prices and availability, it all depends on your tasks).

Automatic Operations

Some work the old-fashioned way – manually, copying information on each product takes a lot of time. You can automate the process, giving the task to a robot that will download all the products and information from the site!

Types of operations:

  • List of links to product categories. Used to get links to product categories.
  • List of links to products. Used to get links to products.
  • Goods card. Used to obtain product data. When performing this operation, you can get the product name, manufacturer’s article, model, warranty, manufacturer’s name, photos, video reviews, and other information from the site.
  • Product attributes. Used to obtain product attributes.


Parsing is the collection and sorting of data with specific parameters. An automatic tool has a lot of advantages: speed, no sampling errors, and the ability to perform parsing regularly.

Parsing is used to analyze competitors, market research, find and fix errors on your site, and create content. Online stores use it to translate product descriptions from foreign locations.

Parsing is perfectly legitimate if you collect publicly available information.