is a true expert in web page scraping. The API proxy scrape tools offered by Infatica provide large-scale data collection and comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs. This company can be trusted by startups that create data-based products and large companies that prefer to entrust their data collection to professionals.

Web Scrapers

A unique program “bypasses” the site and collects data that meet the specified condition.

A simple example: let’s say you need to gather contacts from potential partners from a certain niche. You can do it manually. It will be necessary to go to each site, look for the “Contacts” section, copy the phone to a separate table, etc. So it will take you five to seven minutes for each site. But this process can be automated. You set the sampling conditions in Scraper API, and after a while, you get a ready-made table with a list of sites and phones.

The advantages of using API proxy scrape tools are apparent – if you compare it with manual data collection and sorting:

  • You get data very quickly;
  • You can set dozens of parameters for sampling;
  • No errors in the report;
  • You can configure parsing at regular intervals. 

More Tasks For Scraper API

Now let’s look at what other purposes you can use parsing for.

  • Market research. Parsing allows you to assess what products and prices competitors have quickly.
  • Analysis of the dynamics of change. Parsing can be performed regularly to determine how some indicators have changed.
  • Filling the catalog of the online store. Usually, such sites have many items, and it takes a long time to make a description for all products. Foreign stores often gossip and simply translate information about goods to simplify this process.
  • Collection of reviews and comments on forums, and social networks.
  • Creating content that is based on data sampling. For example, the results of sports competitions, infographics on changes in prices, weather, etc.

Using Scraper API Step By Step

If you do not dive into the technical details, the parsing is built from the following stages:

  1. The user specifies in the parser the conditions that the sample must meet – for example, all prices on a particular site;
  2. The program runs on a site or several and collects relevant information;
  3. Data is sorted;
  4. The user receives a report – if an error check was performed, the critical ones are highlighted in a contrasting color;
  5. The report can be downloaded in the necessary format – usually, parsers support some.

How to pars data? Pick Scraper API on the “Settings” tab, and select the number of results.