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Need banner ads for your campaigns? Let us propose creative ideas for banners that will allow you to achieve excellent return on investment. We can help you build static, flash and dynamic banners. Our team is aware of the creative requirements for most ad networks so that you will not need to spend time explaining them to us.
Building landing pages

Landing pages are websites that are specially designed for an advertising campaign. This approach allows us to create highly engaging pages that are also very relevant to the advertising message that we are displaying in different networks. Another benefit of landing pages is that they are usually up to the point of describing the product and its benefits. They do not distract the visitor with too many options and information that are not really important to them. Also landing pages usually have a clear call to action that helps improve conversion rates and overall return on investment.

Landing pages provide the flexibility required for split testing. Split testing is the means of creating experiments where you can test different variations of a page in order to find out which one performs better. Split-testing stands at the core of conversion optimisation as it provides the data required for us to make informed decisions about changes that are necessary to be made in order to improve conversions.

A typical landing page has the following elements:

1. Affirmation - The titles, text and imagery assures the vistor that he is at the right place and he is going to find exactly what he is looking for on our landing page.

2. Benefits - Shows the vistor the benefits that he will receive from purchasing the product or service.

3. Security - Assures the visitor that or service/products is the best option available for him. This can be achieved by providing testimonials, awards, and third-party certificates.

4. Proposal - Makes an offer to the visitor that is exclusive.

5. Urgency - Urges the client to act now.
Creating mobile landing pages

The question is no longer if you should go mobile but rather how to go mobile. The mobile market in Britain is huge and growing at an exceptional pace. Studies show that 51% of the population have a smartphone and 38% of the users use mobile devices to make purchase descisions. Below you can find statistics from a UK 2012 Google study for mobile users:

Our team has experience in creating mobile pages and apps for a variety of business and sectors. We understand that this is a very important part of your marketing strategy and we know how to make it part of it.

The pages that we create for mobile devices are specially tailored so they are easy to use. Some features of all pages that we create for mobile devices include:

- Compatibility - All our mobile pages are tested on multiple devices and operating systems;

- Usability - Buttons, navigation, forms and text are sized appropriate for different devices and for the user to feel comfortable with;

- Speed - Our mobile sites are optimised for speed in order to load fast on any type of mobile internet, which is hihgly important for user experience;

- Brief - The text on the pages is optimised so that it is more up to the point in order to make life easier for mobile users;

- Click-2-Call - When creating pages for smartphones we always include a Click-2-Call option for clients as it is very easy for them to complete this action rather than to fill in forms;

- Shorter Forms - The forms that we use on mobile pages are usually shorter and require less typing which makes it easier for use for clients with keyboard restriction on most mobile devices.
Site maintenance

Websites need to be updated for content management and need to be maintained. This can be done through an annual subscription or hourly fee for the service.

Usually a short-term maintenance is included in the price for the development of such sites. Regarding dynamic sites equipped with admin panel, there is no data entry maintenance fee. Our clients receive detailed instructions and training on how to administer the web site. This is a simple procedure that does not require additional training of employees with computer skills who will be responsible for the maintenance.

In those cases you can contact us whenever you need our skilled assistance - in development banners for announcements on the site, changing its appearance over time, etc. Prices for this type of support are determined individually as required.
Unique, custom website design and development

Have you heard the saying that the first impression is the most important? Well that's true for web design too. The modern and sleek look of your new site is the first thing visitors will notice. Good design will reassure the client that he is dealing with a serious business and will set a high expectation for service and quality.  Armed with exceptional creative resources, the custom website developers at ECC FZE are ready to help your company dominate the competition. Battling against the ordinary, our bold designers consistently bring fresh concepts and originality to their work. The experts at ECC FZE will unleash their exceptional skills in order to build you a dynamic custom website that reflects everything that is unique and remarkable about your company. Whether you want to revamp your current layout with a daring new look and added capabilities, or launch a sensational website for an emerging, evolving or existing business in need of exposure, the strong team at ECC FZE will charge into action and ultimately bring your company the buzz, visibility and search engine proficiency it deserves.

Our designers are solutions-driven and client-focused. They begin the creative process by listening and responding to your individual needs and budgetary parameters. They learn every aspect that is unique of your business, and use this knowledge as a strong framework for their design. Each layout that comes out of the ECC FZE is a one-of-a-kind product that has been carefully crafted to fit your company’s size, scope, purpose and vision.

The strong visual impact of your new layout will generate more interest in your company, more onsite traffic, and ultimately more business activity. Our team will ensure that visitors to your website will have ease of use, quick loading capability, and device adaptability. Paying attention to current technology and future trends, ECC FZE creates websites that conform to a variety of formats and devices – desktops, smart phones, tablets.
ECC FZE is committed to providing its clients with the very best and most affordable product on the market on reasonable prices. Every one of our signature websites comes with the following added features: Private progressive updates and viewing during design and development.
Search engine scalable designs, should you wish to optimize in the future.
Mobile-ready navigation integration.
Complete upload of your site during launch.
OWNERSHIP – Perhaps the most important feature we can provide that differentiates us from a template website design – Upon project completion you receive all files and imagery and own the property.
You will be amazed at how hard we will work to ensure that your company’s story is told with all the flourish and flair it deserves!

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website's organic positioning in Google and other popular search engines. The process consists of two parts. On-site SEO - this is optimization of the site itself in order to comply with Google and other search engine SEO guidelines. Off-site SEO is concerned with generating high quality content, which will attract natural links to your site from other high quality web pages.

On-site SEO is usually done in the form of an audit. One of our SEO experts will investigate the quality of your site and look at factors that are highly important for good search engine ranking. Here are some of the factors that we are going to analyse in the audit:

• Meta tags quality and formulation;
• Duplicate content issues;
• Quality of back links to your site;
• Use of rich snippets on your site;
• Canonical;
• Internal links structure;
• XML and HTML sitemap formulation;
• Social marketing strategy and integration;
• Content Strategy.

Our SEO audit typically takes from 5-10 working days depending on the volume of content on your website. We will then present you with a written analysis containing our recommendations. Our team is going to discuss the analysis with you and design an action plan. Changes are usually implemented by the web development company. Our team will then help you monitor for the correct implementation of the changes proposed in the audit.

In terms of off-site SEO, Advertise will help you develop a content strategy and link building strategy for your site. The idea of off-site optimisation is to generate high quality links from the authorities' site. The more high quality links your site has, the better positioning it will achieve in the natural search engine results.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

• Highly targeted traffic - Reach people who are searching exactly for your products and services.
• High ROI - With SEO you can provide a solution to the client’s problem exactly when he is looking for it. This helps you achieve good return on investment;
• More traffic - Good positioning on important keywords in popular search engines will no doubt increase the traffic to your site;
• Improve branding - Research shows that people expect top brands to have good natural and paid positioning;
• Clicks are free - Compared to PPC you won't pay anything for the click you have acquired.

Search Engine Optimisation Facts

When speaking to clients we come across some common misconceptions about SEO. Here are some facts about SEO that you should know about before taking the decision to go ahead with it:

• SEO is a long term process - Getting good results requires constant work. Don't start SEO if you are looking for quick results and do bare in mind that you will need to have an ongoing strategy.
• You can't guarantee results - There is no way to guarantee positioning or results with SEO. Google's algorithm changes all the time in order to provide better quality results for its clients. No one knows the exact factors that Google uses to rank websites.
• Results take time - Form our experience achieving results takes anywhere from 3 - 6 months.
• The user is the most important - Never make the site only so it can be optimised for Google, the user should come first. At the end of the day, it's the user that pays, Google is only a means of getting the user to the site.
Advertising on Facebook

Undoubtedly Facebook is the largest social network in the world. People use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, to learn about the activities that their friends like and to comment on what they do. They are part of an ongoing dialogue that takes place in an open and authentic atmosphere. Facebook allows businesses to build personal and permanent relationship with its customers by regularly publishing content on their Facebook pages and allows them to promote it by using the Facebook Ads. This bidirectional relationship helps to turn customers into the biggest "advocates" of the company. Facebook is the first platform that provides effective marketing of the "word of mouth" at scale.

Here is a bit of data about Facebook usage in the UK:

• 24 million use the site every single day; • Over 33 million users visit Facebook at least once a month; • There are 20 million mobile users per day.

Facebook ads are part of the user experience on Facebook and are highly effective in terms of direct respose. Advertise offers two ways to advertise your business on Facebook.

Facebook Market Ads

This is the more wide spread advertising method for advertising on Facebook. There are no minimum bid requirements so you can start with an advertising budget from as little as £0.01. Here you are also able to choose the method of payment depending on your campaign - you can pay on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis if you are looking for direct response or CPM if you are looking for brand awareness and reach. The platform offers a variety of demographic targeting options including: age, gender, location targeting, interest based targeting and much more. There is also a good choice of ad formats including: promoted posts, right-column ads, claim offer ads and news feed ads.

Start advertising your business today with Facebook Market Ads. Find out more by giving us a call on 0800 862 0094.

Premium Advertising

Premium ad format is an excellent solution for large-scale advertising campaigns. Premium ads are on a reservation base and are implemented directly from the Facebook team. The advertiser is charged on a Cost-Per-Mile (CPM) basis. Hence this type of campaign is usually better suited to advertisers that are looking for large campaign outreach and branding. It is important to mention that the Facebook Premium Advertising has a minimum spend requirement of £10 000 from the advertiser. If you are looking to run a Facebook Premium Ads campaign do not hesitate to get in touch with us we will be glad to advise you on suitable ad formats and to help you plan your campaigns correctly.

Interested in Facebook Premium Ads? Call us now on 0800 862 0094.

Premium Ads
Facebook allows your business to advertise products and brands at selected locations. Ads 'Premium' appear at the top of the page without scrolling to be seen and allow seamlessly add your advertising content to the user experience of people using Facebook. Here we have a very interesting and different ad formats than the standard advertisement let them look.

Advertising market

New clients and followers of Facebook Ads

Market ads - appear in the right column of the website Facebook, where there are usually two or three offers. They work on a pay per click or per 1000 impressions, according to the preference of XXXXXXXXXX to target ads on the demographic lines and interests, extremely popular settings are gender, age, education, rated pages.

Market advertising method like or create events, allow users to engage with ads in the same way as interact with other content on Facebook without leaving the page you are viewing. Actions to be taken in the area of advertising can generate interrelated stories on the main page to a friend.
Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular topics in marketing today. This is due to the explosive growth of such platforms in the recent years. For example, the global leader in social networks - Facebook has over 33 million registered users only in the United Kingdom, of which 20 million visit the site daily and there are 4 billion monthly visits. Similar are the statistics for other networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, Wordpress and YouTube. This no doubt caused many business owners to reflect on how they could take advantage of the newfound opportunity. The answer is - by creating a Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy for your business. What is a SMM strategy? - This is the process of creating and publishing unique content through various social media, which aims to establish an ongoing dialogue with the potential customers and build long-term and profitable relationships. SMM is marketing through social media and networks.

Advertise has a designated team of specialists who could help with the construction and maintenance of the campaign focused on achieving an excellent return on investment. A well planned strategy with a strong set of objectives and goals can guarantee line benefits to your business:

  • SSM does not require a big investment
  • Build lasting relationships with customers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Create a dialogue with the end user
  • Receive feedback on the products and / or services by the user
  • Helps improve the position of your website in search engines
  • Increases awareness of the products and the brand (branding)
  • Increases the number of customer recommendations
  • Enables profiling of people from the company
  • Viral Marketing
  • Increase in sales

Email Marketing

-Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful communication tool that allows you to send attractive and personalised emails surveys, newsletters, brochures, announcements and invitations to your customers. Your email campaigns are branded to your corporate image and contain NO advertising. .

Messages are sent to the database in which email marketing is called 'mailing lists'. They are divided into two types: .

Own Databases -Unlike many other email marketing platforms, Email Marketing allows you to send your bulk emails directly from your own company domain. This provides greater recognition from your subscribers, no confusion over who they're receiving the email from and, as a result, increased trust amongst your subscriber base. .

Bought Databases - these are email lists that are purchased from third parties and are generally categorized or demographic sector in B2C or B2B business category in the sector. This format is also a good option, but generally more open, CTR and ROI are lower because customers do not know your business and have built a bond and it is always an important factor. .

We have an experienced team who can help you with the planning and implementation of your email marketing campaign. We offer the following services and products: .

Advertise MM - is a professional email marketing software, created in the UK which allows you to manage every aspect of your email marketing campaign - from building an email campaign and creating personalized 'newsletter'. .

Building databases for direct and email marketing - building a quality mailing list is one of the most difficult tasks for any business, but also the most important because it will determine the success of your campaign. Advertise offers business building databases that contain company name, postcode, address, phone, fax, mobile phone, email, web address, contact person, position and business category. .

Email Templates -MM comes with 50 + professionally-designed HTML email templates which can be customised to match your company’s style. Each template has been thoroughly tested in different email clients, ensuring maximum deliverability no matter where your subscribers are or on what device they are viewing their email. Our expert team of designers can also create a bespoke email template, if you prefer. .

The advantages of email marketing: .

1. Precise Targeting - With segmented contact lists, you can ask mailingmanager to intelligently build groups of contacts based on their previous activity. For example, you may want to target only those who clicked a certain link, or those who opened a specific email. By combining your segmented lists with mailingmanager’s powerful Autoresponder feature, you can send automated, relevant emails which will instantly engage the right audience; .

2. Bounce reports are invaluable, but Email Marketing doesn’t just tell you how many emails bounced; it will also tell you why they've bounced. Whether it be an invalid email address, or blocked content within the email, you’ll have the information you need to fine-tune future campaigns and ensure maximum deliverability across your contact lists; .

3. Google Analytics - MM email software can be connected directly to your Google Analytics account. This enables you to track exactly where each recipient heads after reading your email newsletter, view conversion rates and calculate the return on investment of every email sent. .

4. Social sharing - if you’ve taken advantage of MM’s one-click method of implementing social share buttons on your emails, a separate report enables you to see just how far it has been shared. mailingmanager will keep track of the number of times your campaigns have been posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, giving you a birds eye view of your emails' social reach. .

5. Subscriber activity - it’s contact list statistics allow you to see how your lists are growing over time. Over any date range of your choosing, you can view new subscriptions, unsubscribers and their respective open, bounce, click-through and forwarding rates. mailingmanager will even show you which email domains (i.e., are the most prominent in your lists, giving you an invaluable overview of the most common email clients on which people are viewing your emails; .

6. Low prices - Email marketing usually requires a much smaller investment than traditional forms of advertising, such as physical mailing of brochures, leaflets and other promotional materials; .

7. Speed - reach all subscribers within a few minutes; .

8. Easy interface - our software Advertise MM is programmed so that you do not need any special computer skills to structure your campaign and can broadcast your emails; .

9. High level of customization - if you have a high-quality database, you can send personalized emails as segment the audience interest. This will no doubt appeal to your customers and they will not prodominat your message; .

10. Possibility of Split-Testing - Advertise MM allows you to carry out an experiment to find out which texts, and pictures will ensure maximum efficiency; .

11. Excellent tool for online marketing - Email marketing can be combined with many other advertising channels online advertising, which will help to build an overall strategy for your business, ensuring higher returns; .

12. Campaign scheduling - Sometimes, you won’t want to send your email campaign straight away. Maybe you'd like it to go out while you're away from the office, or time it in conjunction with a specific event. In cases like these, MM allows you to schedule the email on a date and time of your choice. You can schedule multiple campaigns and view, cancel and amend those that are scheduled any time you like.